How to setup Klaviyo integration

Let's get you set up with Klaviyo and sending emails to your ambassadors! 

Sign up for Klaviyo 

Klaviyo is an e-commerce email marketing platform. They have a generous free plan and all the features you'll need for your Shopify store. 

Sign up here.

Follow the sign-up prompts and come back here when you're done. 

Create a Private API key 

To connect Klaviyo to the app, you'll need to create a Private API key.

Log into Klaviyo and then click this link to open your Private API keys. 

Click the button to Create Private API Key

Your new key will be created with "No Label". Click the Edit Pencil Icon next to it. 

Name it ConvertOut and click Save Label. 

Click the eye icon next to your hidden private API key

Copy this key (it should start with pk_) 

Paste this key into your ConvertOut App Email Tab.

Click Save in the email tab. 

Check Lists & Segments

To check that everything is working go to List & Segments and find the list ConvertOut Ambassadors.

If you see that list there - you're good to go! 

To learn more about Klaviyo and how you can send emails to this list, check out their content here

Note: If you don't have any ambassadors signed up yet, you won't see this list.