How does billing and pricing work?

On the starter plan, you are only charged when an ambassador makes a sale. There is no monthly fee ($0/month). 

If no ambassadors make a sale with their code, you will not be charged. 

The transaction fee paid to the app is based on the revenue generated by the ambassador. 

On the starter plan, the transaction fee is 10%. 

All plans have all features. Transaction fee only applies to orders that have a ConvertOut Ambassador discount code applied. 


  • Starter plan (10% transaction fee) 
  • 10% ambassador commission
  • 10% discount
  • $100 order

Customer will pay $90 (10% discount).

Ambassador will get $9 (10% of $90).

Transaction fee will be $9 (10% of $90).

Ambassador commission and discount percentage are customizable. 

You can also change plans at any time in the Billing tab.